We opened in 2009 after the founders experience on audiovisual services in European public institutions in Brussels, where we worked in the European Parliament TV and, since then, we have broken our backs working on different communication projects.





Corporate video production and events

The production of corporate video or marketing content has led us to make videos, in which the firm is the main character placed in all kinds of scenarios.

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Sports communication management

The management of sports communication for teams and athletes came as a result of our work at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, in Valencia, Spain. Since then, we have worked helping teams and athletes by managing their communication and relations with the media.

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ENG Shooting

From the very beginning, one of our main services has been the coverage of current European affairs using ENG equipment. We have travelled throughout Europe following EU institution activities.

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Time lapse

Algunos clientes necesitan ver el proceso de construcción de un evento, un stand, un escenario o un edificio. Para poder ver todo el proceso en un intervalo de un minuto, instalamos una cámara que programamos para que hiciese una foto cada cierto tiempo.

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Audiovisual training

We manage audiovisual training through video courses which contain all the knowledge acquired over these years. We have synthesized these video courses in various trainings which are taught in Spain and Belgium, to employees and students of institutions such as the United Nations office (UNRIC).

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